Stored XSS on user "Category report" function in admidio/admidio


Reported on

Jun 18th 2023


An attacker can inject malicious executable scripts into the code of the Name field

Proof of Concept

Log in as an admin or any member with the right access to the Category report -> Configuration function. image

Insert this payload into the "Name" field General role assignment" autofocus onfocus=prompt(document.domain)>. image

Click Save and access the function again or this URL, the XSS payload will be triggered. image


Since the cookie used for sessions was set with the "HTTPonly" attribute, so the attacker can not hijack user sessions but still can carry out some malicious actions by manipulating XSS vulnerabilities, such as:

  • Users are being redirected to a malicious website.
  • Capturing keystrokes from users.
  • Obtaining access to a user’s browsing history and clipboard contents.
  • Execution of web browser-based exploits (e.g., crashing the browser).
  • Influencing the users to submit requests to a server controlled by the attacker.
  • Modifying the page’s content.
  • Using deception to trick the victim into disclosing their password to the application or other applications.
  • Using a security vulnerability in the web browser, infecting the victim with other malicious code, and potentially taking over the victim’s computer.
We are processing your report and will contact the admidio team within 24 hours. 8 months ago
We have contacted a member of the admidio team and are waiting to hear back 8 months ago
Markus Faßbender validated this vulnerability 8 months ago
hiu240900 has been awarded the disclosure bounty
The fix bounty is now up for grabs
The researcher's credibility has increased: +7
Markus Faßbender marked this as fixed in 4.2.10 with commit 5910a8 8 months ago
Markus Faßbender has been awarded the fix bounty
8 months ago


@maintainer please agree to this report can be assigned a CVE, since no bounty was given here so a CVE would be a huge motivation for the researcher's effort to make your product more secure.

Many thanks!

This vulnerability has now been published 7 months ago
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