Cross-site Scripting (XSS) - Stored in autolab/autolab


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Mar 2nd 2022


Autolab is vulnerable to stored cross-site-scripting in the upload files functionality in courses feature, this can be used to execute XSS attack against the victim who is a student/teacher.

Steps to Reproduce (PoC)

  1. login to autolab
  2. go to https://DOMAIN/courses/COURSENAME/attachments/new
  3. upload the below file as something.svg
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "">

<svg version="1.1" baseProfile="full" xmlns="">
   <rect width="300" height="100" style="fill:rgb(0,0,255);stroke-width:3;stroke:rgb(0,0,0)" />
   <script type="text/javascript">
  1. go to https://DOMAIN/courses/COURSENAME/attachments
  2. view the file you just uploaded, you'll get the alert fn executed.


This can be used to perform XSS attacks on other users as other users such as students/teachers can also view attachments, xss can be weaponized to trick them to do unwanted actions by executing malicious javascript at their end.


Fix / Mitigation

Check file types while uploading, and allow only corresponding types, It is recommended to have a whitelist based approach to check the file type in server-side and to reject/accept the file while uploading.


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  • Vidhun K (
  • Srikar R (
  • Varun Nair (


We are processing your report and will contact the autolab team within 24 hours. 2 years ago
We created a GitHub Issue asking the maintainers to create a 2 years ago
We have contacted a member of the autolab team and are waiting to hear back 2 years ago
We have sent a follow up to the autolab team. We will try again in 4 days. 2 years ago
autolab/autolab maintainer validated this vulnerability 2 years ago
abhiabhi2306 has been awarded the disclosure bounty
The fix bounty is now up for grabs
Abhishek S
2 years ago


Hello @admin, would it be possible for you to assign a CVE ID for this as this project is used by alot of educational organizations? the user base is quite large for this product.

Kind Regards, Abhi

Jamie Slome
2 years ago

@researcher - of course, that is definitely something we can support.

We do first require a confirmation from the maintainer before we assign and publish a CVE.

@maintainer - are you happy to assign and publish a CVE for this report?

We have sent a fix follow up to the autolab team. We will try again in 7 days. 2 years ago
autolab/autolab maintainer
2 years ago


Hi @Abhishek and @Jamie, thank you for reporting this vulnerability! I am able to replicate it, and note that this affects both course and assessment attachments. I also checked if it affects the Speedgrader view and annotations, it does not appear to be.

Instructors and admins are the only ones allowed to upload attachments, so students in general should not be able to pull this off. We will consider a whitelist-based approach as you noted.

We are happy to publish a CVE for this report. It is actually our first time receiving a disclosure, do you have any guidance with regards to publishing a CVE? Thanks again.

Jamie Slome
2 years ago

Thanks for your follow up and detailed response @maintainer.

We automate and take care of the entire CVE process for you. I will assign a CVE to this report for you, and once you have confirmed the fix, the CVE will be published to the NVD/MITRE database.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jamie Slome
2 years ago

CVE-2022-0936 assigned to the report - please go ahead and confirm the fix once you are ready for the CVE and report to go public 👍

Abhishek S
2 years ago


Thank you Autolab Team and Jamie, that's great to know.

We have sent a second fix follow up to the autolab team. We will try again in 10 days. 2 years ago
We have sent a third and final fix follow up to the autolab team. This report is now considered stale. 2 years ago
Fan Pu marked this as fixed in 2.8.0 with commit 02d76a 2 years ago
Fan Pu has been awarded the fix bounty
Fan Pu
2 years ago


Vulnerability has been fixed in by forcing downloads so browser-based attacks from file downloads are no longer possible

Jamie Slome
2 years ago

Great, thank you for your contribution 👍

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